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Vlog Taiwan | Wanderlust | Ep. 1 | Tainan, Taiwan feat. the Lkayng!

TAINAN, TAIWAN | An adventure with Louise of Ireland on our first time in Tainan, the famous historical city of south Taiwan. So proud of this video, dear Louise had to deal with my constant video taking and airdropping the whole trip.

When she lived in Hong Kong, she was so sweet to come to visit me last minute on my 2019 December trip to Taiwan. I miss you, sister! 我想妳妹妹! "Watch me [Lkayng] and my best friend Zo explore some parts of Tainan. We visited in December of last year and I’m so so happy I filmed it so I can have these memories and share with the world our little adventure. We need to start a travel series, I know. This video is dedicated to you boo @zoloren Happy birthday bish. You already know how much you mean to me as a human being. Hope you cry watching this because I almost did editing it. 💓" -

@lkayng Instagram: @lkayng @zoloren Music: frumhere, kevatta - moonbeams - and Chinsaku - Blossom - Original link:台灣#台南#Taiwan#Tainan#Travel#Lkayng#ZoLoren

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