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One Day in Macau (Old Taipa Village & Coloane Village)

I have been visiting Macau since 2011 and am so fortunate to see its classic "Old Taipa" / "Taipa Village." Back then my friend Douglon and I could rent bikes to bike all over the islands and explore. Now, I don't see as many bike riders but after an overnight party, my new friend Shannon, from Australia, and I explored the old town.

Here is the rundown on what to do and how we navigated

Get to Taipa Village! You can get here by taxi or bus. Use google maps to guide your driver if you do not speak Cantonese or take a bus from the airport or Macau/Taipa ferry.

2. Taipa Village has so many traditional buildings, street art to snap pictures at, and enjoy traditional Portuguese food.

3. Visit the historical Vila da Taipa Historical Center Archway for some pictures.

4. Find a new and upcoming trendy and hipster cafe like Rooftop Macau | At this cafe sustainable and locally designed products and clothes are sold. There Shannon and I enjoyed a rooftop view with our coffee and ice cream!

5. If you're hungry visit the local and street food street Run do Cunha | 營地大街 and you’ll find Turkish ice cream, Cantonese Chinese beef jerky, popular dessert and lunch restaurants. It can be packed!

6. Go to the Our Lady of Carmel Church, the historic yellow Catholic church in Taipa, Macau, to pray and take pictures. If you are Catholic or enjoy historical churches, this is a must.

7. Visit the Casas-Museu da Taipa | Taipa Houses-Museum | to learn about Macau's colonial, Portuguese, and Chinese multicultural history​.

8. Snap pics with the backdrop of the Taipa Casinos against the Lake | Wetland in Avenida da Praia, Taipa.

9. Enjoy dinner or lunch at one of the famous Portuguese restaurants, like Le Cesar Old Taipa with sangria, seafood, suckling pig, or Cozinha Pinocchio da Taipa. 

10. If you have more time to explore, you can take a taxi (there is no uber or grab) to visit the Coloane Village and visit the original Lord Stow's Bakery. You must try their delectable, melt-in-your-mouth, Macanese "Portuguese" egg tarts*! Not only are they buttery puff pastry cups, THEY ARE LIKE MINI CREME BRULEES you can pop in your mouth! YUM!

You can even sit in one of Lord Stow's 3 cafes on the same block and enjoy a full meal and menu, while egg tarts are constantly being prepared and baked. The scenteven wafts out of the bakeries!

*Note: Although they may be called Portuguese eggs tarts, they are actually a modified historical recipe, with Portuguese pastries and British fillings, with a French creme brulee style crust. You can read more from the SCMP article.

11. Snap pictures at the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier | Capela de Sao Francisco Xavier and village library bibliotheca.

Bonus: Go have dinner at Fernando's, the famous Portuguese Macanese restaurant.

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